PCB Specification Selection
Board type : The full board are by only one single board or be arrayed with the same or different PCBs
X-out Allowance in Panel : Bad PCBs existed in panel, If you do not accept the X-out Allowance in Panel, the cost will increase the cost of 30%
Break-away rail : Breakaway rails are used to accommodate a variety of odd board shapes and create the necessary clearance from component to board edge.
Panel requirements :

(e.g. Panel in 2*3, size of the break-away rail, total 5 panels=total 30 individual boards)

Route Process : How those boards connected in the panel
X-out Allowance in Panel : Bad PCBs existed in panel, If you do not accept the X-out Allowance in Panel, the cost will increase the cost of 30%
Different Design in Panel : it means- we will charge extra panel costs when there are different kinds in 1 PCB design. For same kinds, it needn't charge.
Size (single) : Input the maximum length and width of the board
Quantity (single) : Input the order quantity
Layers : The number of conductive layers
Copper layer : Please specify if the copper layer is for top or bottom
Soldermask : Coating material used to mask or to protect selected area
Silkscreen Legend : Text that printed on board for component identification.
Material : Base material for PCB

*Material model can be remarked below. HDI is available for 4-layer or more.

FR4-TG : The glass transition temperature for FR4 material
Thermal conductivity : The thermal conductivity of a material is a measure of its ability to conduct heat. It is commonly denoted by k,λ, or K.
Rogers : A special base material, a kind of RF PCB and High Frequency PCB, which have less lossy at high frequencies.
Structure of MCPCB : TipA40
Thickness : Thickness for the finished PCB,Rogers is Material thickness
* Unit: mm
* Unit: mm
Min Track/Spacing : Minimum width of any conductors/Minimum distance between any two adjacent traces
Min Hole Size : Minimum diameter of holes
Solder Mask : The color of coating material
Silkscreen : The color of text printed
Gold fingers : The gold-plated terminal of a card-edge connector
Bevelling : The connector PCI or other may need be beveled to make the entry of the board into the connector easier.

*The above options are only Gold fingers Surface Finish

Thickness of Immersion Gold:
Au/Ni thickness:
Thickness of ENEPIG:
Surface Finish : Extra process to exposed copper to help solderability
Thickness of Immersion Gold:
Au/Ni thickness:
Thickness of ENEPIG:
Via Process : What is the main reference to process vias by PCBWay? 1.If you submit gerber file, then we process via exactly according to your file. The three options you chose will be ignored then. 2.For .PCB and .PCBDOC files, it is hard to confirm the via attribute, so we will process via according to the options you selected.

*For Gerber files, this choice is useless.It will be made according to files as default.

Finished Copper : The weight (in ounces) of copper present in one square foot of area. This parameter indicates the overall thickness of copper on the outer layer.

*Min Track/Spacing ≥ 8/8mil, 3 - 13oz Cu opitions will be available.

Extra pcb product number : We have to add our product number on every pcbs to recognize the correct board during production. If you don't want us to add it, we will charge extra 3USD for every order because of the extra work.
Additional Options (Castellated holes,Edge Plating,impedance control...)

We may add extra cost for these special options which will be confirmed after review.

Peelable Soldermask : Coating material could be removed after board through wave soldering
UL Marking : Marking of UL on board
Half-cut/Castellated Holes PTH holes or vias that are cutted through to create a partial or half hole to form an opening into the side of the hole barrel. Generally they are used for mounting a PCB to another one.
Edge Plating The partial edge of the PCB plated with copper.
Impedance control The resistance to the flow of current, represented by an electrical network of combined resistance, capacitance and inductance reaction, usually in high-frequency circuits
Halogen-Free Halogen-free PCB, it should have less than 900 parts per million of chlorine or bromine, with less than 1,500 ppm of total halogens.
Custom Stackup Apply to multilayer pcbs only.Stack-up refers to the arrangement of copper and insulating layers that make up a PCB before starting board layout design.
Carbon Mask Carbon ink creates surface resistors and a protective contact surface for switches.
Via in pad/ Via filled with resin The microvias filled with non-conductive epoxy then capped and plated over
Press-fit holes it is used as holes to fit the leads of connectors that will not be soldered but pressed into the holes.
Countersinks / Counterbores Countersink is a cone shaped hole in PCB for the tapered head of a screw. Counterbore is flat-bottomed hole and its sides are drilled straight down, usually used to fit a hex-headed cap or screw
Z-axis milling A variable level elevation can be milled at the edge or within a circuit board. This is called Z-axis milling.
Other Special request :

inch ↔ mm

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